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Check out our frequently asked questions. If you don't see the answer that you're looking for, send us a quick email at

  • How do I join the community?
    It's simple. Just head to our app page then select the plan of your choice. You'll follow the prompt to create your profile, then you're in!
  • Can I switch my membership plan at any time?
    Yes! You'll just edit your subscription in your account settings.
  • Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
    You can cancel your plan and end your subscription at anytime via your account settings. Once you cancel your subscription, you will be removed from the platform at the end of your subscription.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Though you may cancel your subscription at any time, once you join our community there are no refunds. You can read our full policy here.
  • When does membership start and end?
    Your membership will be activated once you've purchased your subscription plan and created your member profile. Membership is ongoing indefinitely, until payment is stopped. Our community is an investment that will help you to: Develop relationships with other DEI practitioners, Access to mental health resources to navigate burnout and compassion fatigue Access educational resources and best practice tips and resources.
  • Can I get my company to pay for my membership?
    Yes. Many of our members are being sponsored by their companies as a part of their professional development. Here is a link to our sponsorship template to request sponsorship from your employer.
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